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A0 Using Repair Orders

A0 Job Sheet A1 Prepare vehicle for service
A0 Lesson Plan GW Using Repair Orders
and Service Information
A0 Lesson Plan Using Repair Orders

A5 Brakes Caliper Service

A5 Job Sheet Brake Caliper Slide Service
A5 Lesson Plan Brakes Caliper Service


A1 Cooling System Diagnosis

A1 Job Sheet Cooling System Diagnosis
A1 Lesson Plan Cooling System Diagnosis

A6 Using Digital Multimeter

A6 Job Sheet Using Digital Multimeter
A6 Lesson Plan Using Digital Multimeter

A2 Trans Fluid Service

A2 Job Sheet Auto Trans Fluid Drain and Replace Filter
A2 Lesson Plan Trans Service

A7 Identify AC Components

A7 Job Sheet Identify AC Components
A7 Lesson Plan Identify AC Components

A3 Front Wheel Drive

A3 Job Sheet Inspect Replace Front Wheel Drive Bearing
A3 Lesson Plan FWD Wheel Bearing Service

A8 Scan Tool Diagnostics

A8 Job Sheet Scan Tool Diagnostics
A8 Lesson Plan Using Scan Tools OBD II

A4 Pre-Alignment Inspection

A4 Job Sheet Pre-Alignment Inspection
A4 Lesson Plan Pre-Alignment Inspection

Blank Templates

Blank Job Sheet
Lesson Plan Template PRINTABLE